Ministry Trips for Healthy Gospel Leaders

Ryan Thompson joins the podcast to discuss seven trips (plus a bonus) that every pastoral leader should be planning in their calendar. Maintain and grow in healthy gospel ministry by investing in your own personal health, family health, and ministry health.

Ministry is a marathon, not a sprint. I want to finish my marathon with joy, not running on fumes, completely depleted, exhausted, exasperated, and angry! We must take time regularly to consider our spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and relational health.

Jesus, our perfect example, had extremely busy seasons of ministry, but also found regular times to “get away” from the crowd and alone with God. He had times of solitude and times with just his closest co-laborers. If our Savior saw the value in these times, why don’t we?

Here are seven regular “trips” for you to consider as an investment in your health as a minister. I use the word “trip” here to represent blocks of time away from your regular routine. It could be as simple as a day at a coffee shop, out in nature, or two or three nights out of town.

  1. A Study “Trip” for Healthy Preaching
  2. A Marriage “Trip” for Marital Health
  3. Calendar Planning “Trip” for Church Health
  4. Family “Trip” for Family Health
  5. Ministry “Trip” for Pastoral Health
  6. Mentorship “Trip” for Personal Health
  7. Sabbatical “Trip” for Long-Term Health

Bonus: Short-term Missions Trip

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