Show Notes – Episode 50

Good Decisions in Gospel Ministry

Cary and Andrew discuss their top 5 best decisions from the last few years. 

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Cary’s Top 5 Pastoral Decisions:

  1. Relentlessly Pursue Personal Health and Balance
    2. Prayerfully Build a Team of Mutually Accountable Co-leaders
    3. Devotedly Focus on Healthy Culture Over Performance Metrics
    4. Accountably Outsource Financial Stewardship and Reporting
    5. Patiently Embrace the Long, Slow Work of Building Deeply, Devote Disciples

Andrew’s Top 5 Pastoral Decisions:

  1. Prioritize Family Relationships 
  2. Turn the Focus Outward
  3. Cultivate a Joy-Filled Environment
  4. Lean on Other Leaders
  5. Play the Long Game in Leadership Decisions