Show Notes – Episode 45

Pastors in Crisis

Mark Hoover joins the podcast to discuss how pastors face crisis and discouragement, and how to lead forward in the gospel. Mark is the pastor of NewSpring Church in Wichita, Kansas where he has pastored for over 35 years.

Everyday of my life, I wake up thanking God for letting me be a part of a New Testament church. —Mark Hoover Click To Tweet

What are you seeing in pastors in this moment?

The year 2020 was a terribly painful year for pastors. Many were already caught in the crosshairs of numerous cultural issues before the pandemic.

How would you advise pastors journeying through this crisis?

1. Embrace the reality of tough times.

    Pastors are having to care for a nation going through an emotional breakdown.

2. Use this as an opportunity to recalibrate success.

3. Remember to act and not react.

When you react, you’re already wrong. —Mark Hoover Click To Tweet Faithfulness and obedience are the metrics of success. —Mark Hoover Click To Tweet

How does the call to ministry sustain pastors?

You are going to reach a low point in your ministry where all you have is your salvation, your wife, and your call. —Mark Hoover Click To Tweet I would rather be sorrowful in an obedient place than successful in a disobedient position. —Cary Schmidt Click To Tweet

What advice would you give to younger pastors?

1. Speak to your audience.

Move from pulpiteering to communicating. —Cary Schmidt Click To Tweet

2. Don’t judge today’s ministry with tomorrow’s metrics.

3. Focus on kids ministry.

4. Take the Text and go to the cross.