Show Notes – Episode 43

How the Gospel Informs Our Transitions

Duston Moore is the pastor of Ravenswood Baptist Church in downtown Chicago. Ravenswood is a thriving, growing church though it didn’t always used to be that way. Cary and Duston unpack how the gospel informs our transitions and how we can lead through change.

How does the Gospel speak into the manner in which we lead through transition and change? 

Ezra and Nehemiah speak to this.

1. Every transition is different, but yet similar.

—The Gospel opens our eyes to see with clarity why change is necessary.

2. Often the “big” issues mask the real issues.

—The Gospel reveals the issues below the surface are the real issues. The Law permits one to lead externally-focused.

3. Opposition is inevitable.

—The good news of Christ is born out of opposition which humanly caused His death.