Show Notes – Episode 42

The Gospel and Family Life

For many years, Bob Lepine has co-hosted FamilyLife Today, a nationally syndicated radio program. He is the author of Love Like You Mean It: The Heart of a Marriage That Honors God (2020) and The Christian Husband (1999). Bob is also the on air announcer for Truth for Life with Alistair Begg. He has also served as an elder and teaching pastor at his church in Little Rock, Arkansas. Today, Bob joins Leading in the Gospel to discuss the gospel and family life. 

Question 1: What do you see as some of the greatest family life challenges for spiritual leaders?

The natural drift in every marriage is to isolation. Unless we are intentional about being leaders in our marriage and home, we should expect our marriage will drift into isolation. The concern comes when people shift into a coasting posture and are no longer intentional.

Question 2: Is there a natural pull of ministry to be consuming of our time?

We tend to move in the direction of admiration, respect, and being needed.

Husbands and wives need to be providing enthusiastic encouragement to one another.

Question 3: What do you believe are unique marriage stresses to pastors and spiritual leaders?

The unique challenge of the unpredictable nature of our schedules can affect the family dynamic.

Pastors need guardrails for their family time. You need to turn off the ministry. —Bob Lepine Click To Tweet

My ministry is more important than my family. And my number one ministry is my family. —Josh McDowell Click To Tweet  

Question 4: What is your advice to that young family pouring themselves into ministry?

Acknowledge busy seasons on the front end of that season.

Question 5: What are the best spiritual practices for couples who are spiritual leaders ?

  • Start with not thinking you are the “superman.”
  • Recognize the human body has limits.
  • Build into your schedule one-on-one time with your children.
  • Let your kids and wife be who they are. You being in ministry should not mean unrealistic expectations on them.

Question 6: Does the gospel resolve anxiety and fear and refocus our decisions to be made in light of who Jesus is?

It’s His priorities that we want to be our priorities. —Bob Lepine Click To Tweet

If we are not men who are humble, accountable, and teachable, it doesn’t matter how much logistical stuff we get right. But if we are men who are humble, accountable, and teachable, we can get some of the logistical stuff wrong… Click To Tweet

The gospel gives me a correct perception of my need for Christ; my dependence on Christ, and it’s kept me humble, accountable, and teachable. —Bob Lepine Click To Tweet