Show Notes – Episode 36

The Gospel Leadership of the Apostle Paul – Part 2

The more we examine the ministry of Paul, the more aware we become of the vitality of the relationships Paul held. Paul was not the singular hero; he had a team surrounding him.

Characteristics of Paul’s Team Leadership

6. Collaboration—Finding Friends and Letting Them Lead

Regardless of leadership style, our leadership ought to be servant leadership and happy to see other people thrive.
Even the strongest leaders still should not be the sole center of attention all the time.

7. Building Bridges Across Cultural Chasms

We are called to be ambassadors of Jesus as salt and light in this world.
Paul willingly and confidently entered difficult conversations.

8. Relational Stewardship

Paul was not going to miss the opportunity to encourage people and lift them up. Pastoral ministry is inherently relational.

9. Relentless Reconciliation

We are called to be proactive in reconciliation with others. 
It’s a picture of Christ’s work of reconciliation in our own lives.

10. Trust in the Fog

God does a deep work during hard times.
Even when things don’t feel well, we have to trust that God is still doing His work.

11. Fading to the Background

Be proactive in raising up other leaders! 


Team Questions:

1. How would we each describe our leadership style?

2. What are the characteristics of our team?

3. Does our team exemplify the patience necessary for people to grow?

4. What are some tangible ways our team is keeping the Gospel pure and unity a focus in our church?


Paul and His Team by Ryan Lokkesmoe


Small Groups Made Easy by Ryan Lokkesmoe