Show Notes – Episode 32

How the Gospel Solves Insecurity

We all deal with insecurity, and it’s ok to admit we have it.

What is insecurity?

  • The fear of man
  • Trusting what ultimately can’t be trusted
  • Needing approval from anything but God Himself

While we all battle insecurity, the insecurity in a leader ripples out to those he is leading.

How does insecurity affect us?

  • It separates us from other believers
  • It silences us from speaking up
  • It blinds us to true security
  • It confuses our focus

How do we objectively address our insecurity?

Learn to listen (to the Lord and to others)

Team Questions:

1. What insecurities do we deal with as leaders? as a team? as individuals? 
2. How can we help each other face these insecurities?