Show Notes – Episode 27

What Is Gospel-Centeredness?


What does it mean to be gospel-centered? This doesn’t have to be a controversial idea; it’s about the gospel.

We can’t claim the phrase “gospel-centered” if we are not seeing people saved by the gospel.

If you view your ministry or leadership style through the lens of the gospel, use any term you’d like to describe it.

The Essence of the Bible

The very essence of the Bible is that it is a redemptive historical narrative. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is God’s story of redemption.

Gospel-centered means understanding the Bible through the lens of the narrative of Scripture.

Views of the Bible

  • Systematic Theology – A statement of faith regarding different areas of Christian doctrine
  • Life Philosophy – I come to the Bible asking, “What do I do?” I just become a “doer” to God, and He is just giving me directives. I work for God.
  • Allegorical – Everything is about mystical and hidden pictures of Jesus. “What does this mean to me?”
  • Gospel-centered – Where does each part fit into the whole story of the gospel? “Who is God, and what has He done?”

Personal Questions:

  1. What is my view of the Bible?
  2. What questions am I asking the Bible?
  3. Am I trying to create a gospel-centered church or ministry without being a gospel-centered Christian?