Show Notes – Episode 25

The Shaping of a Gospel Leader

Troy Shoemaker serves as the president of Pensacola Christian College after serving as a teacher, administrator, and numerous key leadership positions in Christian education. Dr. Shoemaker loves college students, and his leadership encourages the growth of Christian leaders as they prepare for God’s calling.

When you stepped into your leadership role, were you tempted to focus on the “doings” of leadership rather than the “being”?

I needed to let go of the weight of the work to be done and trust God to make me and our ministry what He wants it to be.
God put you in a situation because He wants you to be there. All leadership is ordained.

How would you advise a younger leader struggling with patience?

Find the value of putting in the time that will equip you for your future.


Moses on Leadership from Exodus 18

1. Leaders are servant-minded.

This is the foundation; nothing was beneath Moses. Leaders must be humble. 

The problem with Moses’s servant-mindedness was that it capped at what he could accomplish all by himself. 

2. Leaders are dependent upon God.

A leader’s posture should be focused primarily towards God.

A leader’s focus should be upon God.

3. Leaders are principled.

Leadership is far more than giving orders. The best leadership lessons are learned from the “why’s” of decisions being made.

4. Leaders are delegators.

Leaders have an ability to identify other individuals who can carry the load and entrust them with responsibility.

Able – Ability, skill, strength, knowledge 

Fear God – spiritual, worshipful

Men of truth – honest, integrity

Not covetous – others first

5.Leaders are decision-makers

6. Leaders are open to advice.

Get advice from everywhere.

Leaders want the best ideas to win, not necessarily theirs.

7. Leaders are productive.

Moses took the advice that was given to him, then he executed it. 

Leaders go beyond the idea. They execute the idea.

Personal Questions:

  1. How do I focus my attention upon the “doings” of leadership rather than the “beings’’ of leadership?
  2. Which of these characteristics of Moses’s leadership do I see as a strength?
  3. Which of these characteristics of Moses’s leadership do I see as needing focus and development?