Show Notes – Episode 22

Emotional Health in Gospel Ministry

Jonathan Hoover serves as the Associate Pastor and Couples Pastor at NewSpring Church in Wichita, Kansas. Jonathan holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and counseling from Liberty University, a Master of Science degree from Regent University in general psychology; and he is currently a student at Grand Canyon University, pursuing his Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology.

What makes pastoral stress unique?

  • The variety of roles and responsibilities placed upon the pastor.
  • The emotional pendulum swinging from high to low.

    What are some challenges that will lead us to emotional breakdown?

    • Not monitoring stress levels
    • Lack of social support in ministry
    • Ignoring the indicators of emotional stress
    • Immense creative drain
    • Constant confrontational conversations

    Warning Signs of Emotional Health

    • Executive Function Decrease
    • Working Memory Loss
    • Task Switching Lag
    • Feeling of Powerlessness
    • Loss of Purpose
    • Feelings of Threat

    Applications from Elijah’s Discouragement

    • Rest
    • Relationships
    • Return to Work

    Immediate Next Steps in a Nervous Breakdown

    • Make an appointment with your doctor. (Physical)
    • Make an appointment with a Christian therapist. (Emotional)
    • Make an appointment with a trusted Pastor friend. (Spiritual)

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