Show Notes – Episode 19

Seasons of Gospel Ministry

Sam Horn joins us for this episode of the podcast. Sam is the Executive Vice President of Bob Jones University and has served in various pastoral and academic positions throughout his ministry. Each season has its specific challenges and specific fruit.

Describe Your Seasons of Learning in Gospel Ministry:

My twenties were a time of preparation and obtaining tools for future ministry. 

My thirties were a time of humbling and mentorship.

My forties were a time of testing, suffering, and proving.

At this stage of my life, I want to serve the church of God and finish well!

What are some of your concerns with young, developing leaders?

1. Hold truth graciously – Young leaders must recognize that the work of God is much bigger than their particular circle or tribe. 

2. Hold truth deeply – Young leaders must prepare themselves to feed a flock of God deeply for decades.

What is it about young, developing leaders that encourages to you? 

The conservative resurgence has resulted in a resurgence of deep gospel passion. 

Share what you have learned from seasons of pain:

I learned in times of pain that ministry isn’t about me. It never has been and never will be. God does ministry though us. 

Anyone who has been in ministry for any length of time has been betrayed by someone.

What would you say to struggling leaders? 

Let your dreams die so that God’s vision can be accomplished.

The reason this is so hard for you is because this is the death of your dream.

There is nothing spiritual about being lazy. I generally know if my effort is lacking. 

What would you say to young, thriving leaders?

This wasn’t you. It was God. Always remember that.

Don’t get entitled. 

Personal Questions:

1. What am I learning in my current age season?
2. What seeds am I planting in my current season that I will reap in future seasons?
3. Am I a struggling leader or a thriving leader? What can I learn in this season?


Team Questions:

  1. What is the evidence that we are holding truth deeply and graciously?
  2. What are the unnecessary battles we are fighting right now as a ministry team?
  3. What are some dreams in this ministry that need to die so God’s vision can be accomplished?