Show Notes – Episode 17

Setting the Gospel Free (Part 1)

Cary and Andrew continue the conversation discussing how the gospel has been set free at Emmanuel and New Hope through different changes that have taken place over the last few years. 

Growth and sanctification are change. It’s not about change for the sake of change; it’s about healthy, good, biblical change that brings you back to doctrine and more pure ministry motives. 

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1. Make Jesus and the Gospel the Top Priority

It begins in the leader’s heart.

It’s more than talk or terminology; it’s about the gospel taking center stage in our hearts as leaders and as Christians.

God’s whole story is about the gospel.

The gospel should be a part of everything we do. Why? Because every page of the Bible points to the gospel. Every moment of the Christian life is to be lived in the gospel—immersing in it, returning to it, and letting its power continually compel our love, service, and sanctification to Jesus.

Make the gospel the driving force of your church life.

2. Lead the Church in Authentic Worship

Worship is a personal, heart thing.

A gospel-shaped heart instinctively desires to explode in worship. Every day should be lived in a posture of worship—focused love flowing toward my Saviour.

Hymns or new songs—either way, bring back the passion.

This is not about a musical style; instead it’s about developing a heart of worship in the church family and leading in sincere, corporate, and celebrative times of focused adoration to Jesus. We do this with hymns and new songs, with multiple instruments, and with joy.

It’s not about trends or traditions—it’s about Jesus.

The goal is not entertainment, but engagement. Our desire is a kind of worship that renews love for Jesus and orientates hearts toward Him. We choose songs for theological and congregational value—substance and sing-ability. 

Sincere worship is attractive (to believers and unbelievers).