Show Notes – Episode 11

Dr. David Wells joins us for part two of “Faithful to the Gospel” on Leading in the Gospel! Dr. Wells has written numerous books and is a retired professor from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, where he also served as academic dean at the Charlotte campus. He has been a distinguished lecturer on modern Christianity and the recipient of a major grant from the Pew Charitable Trust. He has written extensively on theology and culture’s impact on the church.

Faithful to the Gospel

United States faith coalitions and institutions are disappearing.

Dr. Wells shares that when he accepted Christ, being an evangelical was a doctrinal position. Today it is far more of a personal identity. The church used to think in far more doctrinal terms. There was a creed of belief that was true for all evangelicals. Today there is no more of that. The question isn’t being right. The question is are we serious about what God has given us?

What are some things that you observe about the current faith landscape?

   – The international church is growing rapidly.
   – Western churches are returning to truth.
   – We should view the flee from truth as an opportunity. (People will not find fulfillment without truth.)

What do we do with feeling displaced or disconnected?

   – Feeling disconnected is a part of 21st-century life.
   – Create small co-working coalitions where you can support one another and encourage one another.
   – Social media often makes loneliness much worse. Work to have intentional, real local relationships.

Personal Questions:

  1. Am I anchored in the truth of God’s word or in the opinions of culture?
  2. How do I see my theology shaping my ministry?
  3. Am I superficial or do I possess gospel depth?

Team Questions:

  1. Does our ministry have a pattern of being explicit about our theology? What does that look like?
  2. Does our team have ample time to study and read so they can lead our ministry into more gospel and biblical depth?

Books by Dr. Wells