Show Notes – Episode 10

Dr. David Wells joins us for Episode 10 of Leading in the Gospel! Dr. Wells has written numerous books and is a retired professor from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, where he also served as academic dean at the Charlotte campus. He has been a distinguished lecturer on modern Christianity and the recipient of a major grant from the Pew Charitable Trust. He has written extensively on theology and the culture’s impact on the church.

Faithful to the Gospel

Who shaped your early faith journey?

  1. John Stott was a marvelous example and friend. His private life and his public life were synonymous.
  2. Martin Lloyd Jones was an exceptional preacher who exemplified how to both nourish the hearers with the truth of God’s word and apply the truth to our modern context. 
  3. J.I. Packer is a close personal friend and co-laborer. 

Dr. Wells was tasked with an assignment asking “Why is theology disappearing from the church?” That task has brought about a 30-year journey and has resulted in several books addressing the cultural impact of that question.

How does culture impact our ability to think theologically? 

   – The Retention of Truth

Christian faith requires a God that stands outside of us declaring what is true. A God that is subject to us, is no God at all. 

   – The Decline of Truth

An influx of multiple systems of belief, a lack of community and relationships, and an increase in subjectivity have all contributed to the decline.

People are much more likely to come into church looking to feel good than to be good. 

Is it wrong to appeal to people’s felt needs? 
     – We underestimate how attractive the church itself can be to the lost. 
     – Preaching is not just about exegesis. Once truth has been pulled from the passage those who are listening must hear that truth in relation to their lives.

People may sound happy in their relativity, but life itself has become more and more psychologically difficult. We must speak into that world. 

Personal Questions:

  1. How have I seen theology disappear from Christians and the church?
  2. What can I do to influence our church to desire objective truth?
  3. How does the sufficiency of Scripture impact how I address culture? 

Team Questions:

  1. How strong is the theological depth of our ministry?
  2. What are we doing to anchor our church deeper in the truth of Scripture?

Books by Dr. Wells