Show Notes – Episode 09


Encouragement in the Gospel

Evangelist Morris Gleiser joins us for Episode 9 of the Leading in the Gospel podcast! He has served in youth ministry and evangelism for over 40 years. 

Encouraging Insights on Ministry Today

  1. A worshipful spirit
  2. A confidence in the gospel
  3. A desire to advance the gospel into unreached regions

Many times what we believe will happen is what will happen. Allow God to inspire your heart as a leader for the future. If I assume no one cares, no one will. If I expect God to work, God honors our faith. 

The church should be a place of evangelism. Everything that takes place on a Sunday should communicate that we are expecting God to do something in people’s hearts. 

Encouragement for Discouraged Pastors

  1. Understand the non-negotiable—Trust in your role as a preacher of God’s word. We are just conduits of truth.
  2. Be faithful—Do your best not to leave a ministry in times of discouragement. 
  3. Confront situations in love—Don’t allow divisions to fester because of apathy or fear.

How to Be Yourself in Ministry

  1. Be thankful for those who invested in you.
  2. Be authentic before God.
  3. Allow close relationships to keep you humble.

Your church doesn’t need you to market yourself. Your church needs an authentic, godly pastor who is confident in God’s calling upon his life. 

Personal Questions:

  1. Do I approach ministry with a spirit of faith-filled expectancy?
  2. Do I view ministry successes or disappointments as my own?
  3. Do I have an identity rooted in the gospel that allows me to be myself?

Team Questions:

  1. How does our ministry reflect a spirit of faith-filled expectancy?
  2. Is there an unhealthy spirit in our ministry that flows out of the heart of our leaders?
  3. Are we responding to ministry conflicts in a gospel-oriented manner?

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