Show Notes – Episode 08


Ministry Life in the Gospel

Pastor Tim Rasmussen has served on college faculties, church staffs, and as the senior pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Canoga Park, California, for twelve years. 

Three Focuses of Faith Baptist Church

  1. Evangelism and Discipleship
  2. World Missions
  3. Next Generation Ministries

Follow-up Process at Faith Baptist Church

  1. Communication Card
  2. Pastoral Greeting at the Exit
  3. Letter with a Gift
  4. Personal Visit

People remember how you start and how you finish. Determine to finish well! If, at the end of my life, my family can say I was faithful—that is success. 

Personal Questions:

  1. What are the focus areas of my ministry?
  2. Am I personally fruitful in evangelism? Why? Why not?
  3. Am I stewarding the guests God sends to our church?
  4. How do I view ministry success?

Team Questions:

  1. How is our ministry seeking to encourage other churches near us?
  2. Is comparison between our ministry and other ministries a constant theme for us?
  3. What can we do today as a ministry in regards to collaboration with other churches and believers?