Show Notes – Episode 07


Blessings of Collaboration

  • Synergistic Relationships

Pastoring can be lonely, especially in a solo pastor role. Having a connection with another pastor and staff can meet the heart needs of both friendship and synergy.

From staff meetings to book studies, we find that anyway we can connect our teams brings a lot of benefit to our individual churches. 

  • Mentorship of Pastors

Every new pastor needs another pastor as a mentor , and a local one brings even more benefit. There are numerous situations that you are not prepared to handle. A local mentor can bring both encouragement and provoking.

  • Staff Mentoring and Resource Sharing

Once the smaller church grows to the point of adding staff, the larger church becomes a resource for developing those individuals as well.
A church that has already developed worship ministries, kids ministries, or outreach can be a huge help to one just getting started.

Think through what has already been developed in the mentoring church and how it can be implemented in the smaller congregation.

  • Emphasis on Greater Kingdom Impact

New England had a context of defeated churches and Christians. Having another growing church in your region that you are connected with allows your church to see that your church is not an exception.

  • Outside Voice in Staff Relationships and Church Development

Having another connected pastor allows for an outside voice and perspective in relationships or conflict. We have become a perpetual voice in the development of each others staffs and congregations.  

  • Local Friendships

There are certain aspects of friendship that are magnified by a local friend. You need someone to grab coffee with. It’s mutually energizing. 

  • Innovating a new kind of relationship between churches

This has been a mutually beneficial, blessing, and giving relationship.


Personal Questions:

  1. What relationships in my life bring synergy into my ministry?
    2. Does my church rejoice with gospel growth in other local churches?
    3. Who is in my proximity that I could partner with or encourage?

Team Questions:

  1. How is our ministry seeking to encourage other churches near us?
  2. Is comparison between our ministry and other ministries a constant theme for us?
  3. What can we do today as a ministry in regards to collaboration with other churches and believers?