Show Notes – Episode 05

Dr. Don Sisk joins us for Episode 05 of Leading in the Gospel! Dr. Sisk has served God faithfully for over sixty years, first on the mission field of Japan, then as president and general director of Baptist International Missions, Inc. During this time, he had a profound impact on world missions, directly overseeing the efforts of thousands of missionaries around the world. Today, Dr. Sisk still ministers to local churches through missions conferences and to college students through academic instruction on missions.

Longevity in the Gospel

A few keys to longevity in gospel ministry:

  1. Stay in love with the Lord. The number-one key to longevity in gospel ministry is to stay in love with the Lord and daily spending time in the Word of God and prayer. Remember that you are not just a preacher or leader, but a child of God.
  2. Stay in love with the Lord’s people. Whomever God gives you to pastor, love them. Fight the temptation to envy other congregations, and love God’s people.
  3. Stay in love with the ministry. Resist allowing the battles of ministry to cause bitterness or a lack of passion for the future.
  4. Stay in love with your family. Cling to your first ministry—your family.

There are so many men that God has used, and they are different in many ways, but one thing they all have in common is passion.

What are a couple things that can hinder longevity?

A few keys to longevity in gospel ministry:

  1. Expectations—The higher the initial expectations, the greater the disappointment. Learn to be content where God has you right now.
  2. Discontentment—Fight the habit of comparing yourself or your ministry with others. God made you and has given you what you have; do the best with whatever that is. 

When you experience dry times in ministry, continue to prepare for the days of blessing that are to come.

What are some of your most important decisions?

  1. Got saved
  2. Married right
  3. Entered the ministry
  4. Left career
  5. Followed God to Japan
What is your hope for the next generation of leaders?

  1. Marry well.
  2. Don’t look for a good position, look for a good opportunity.
  3. Stay true to the Bible.
  4. Keep a passion to reach souls.
  5. Value the local church.

Young leaders need to hear advice and counsel from older leaders. That doesn’t mean absolute adherence to that advice, but it does mean they have something to say.

When the older generation passes off the scene, God isn’t in bad shape. He is always raising up another generation of preachers. 

Personal Questions:

  1. How are my love relationships with the Lord, His church, the ministry, and my family?
  2. Do I struggle with feelings of discontentment or unmet expectations? What changes do I need to better understand God’s timing?
  3. Am I faithful to obey God whenever He directs?
  4. Am I actively seeking advice/counsel from seasoned leaders? Am I actively advising/counseling younger leaders?

Team Questions:

  1. Are we rejoicing in God’s working or discontented and frustrated over unmet expectations? How are our feelings over God’s working being expressed to those that follow us?
  2. How are we encouraging other leaders in our ministry in their love relationships with the Lord, His church, the ministry, and their family?
  3. Are we as leaders encouraging a dialogue between young people and seasoned Christians in our ministry?
  4. How do we as a ministry respond to the leadership of the Holy Spirit?
  5. Are leaders in our ministry operating at a sustainable and healthy pace of ministry?

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